Entirely Visual

Ethernal is close the the reality. An interactive geographic map constitutes the essence of his innovative interface.

Ergonomics at maximum

No more endless forms and complicated. Ethernal is simple and quick to learn.

Wide range of products

Ethernal is mulitplatform. All users take advantageof a uniform and fully interconnected système

Public Touchscreen Kiosk

A superbe touch-screen interface to enhance you cimetery and simplify the visit.

Professional cemetery management software

The best partner for cemetery management at its finest



Ethernal is a professional site management software specially designed to address the growing need for computerization of cemeteries.


The fully graphic display makes it unique and extremely user-friendly. The interface has been cleverly designed to enhance its use and its versatility. The era of endless complicated forms is well and truly over.


ethernal is unique due to its geographical representation of the site. A fully interactive map provides access to data specific to each plot via a combination of tooltips and sidebars. All the crucial information appears at the touch of a button.


The software is very intuitive and does not require any specific knowledge. It is easy to understand and will allow managers to easily manage reservations and burials, create services, generate records, or issue headed invoices.


The avant-garde technologies used mean that no installation is required. It works on all desktop or mobile systems and centralizes in real time data keyed in by different users.